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Watering in Highlife Hydroculture

With the unique, easy-to-read water level indicator you can see with one glance if the water-reservoir needs to be filled or not. Plant reservoirs need only to topped up one to three times a month, depending on container size. The optimal water level in the hydroculture pot is automatically controlled via the water level indicator. You are therefore assured of the correct ratio between water, oxygen and fertiliser guaranteeing beautiful plants all year long even if you don't have a green thumb.


Watering Tips:

  • Only when the water-level indicator reads minimum - and never before then, should you top up the container.

  • The general rule is to use lukewarm tap water. A tip is to leave the watering can to stand for a while in the room after filling it.

  • Pour the water over the LECA, wherever is the most convenient until the water-level indicator reads optimum.

  • Only in very brightly lit locations, for plants that need a lot of water or before a period of extended absence should you ever fill up to the MAX mark.

  • For true perfection you should only top up the containers  again after one to three days for small containers or three to five days for large containers after the water-level indicator reads MIN. This improves the air flow through the LECA and hence the oxygen supply around the roots.

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