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Highlife Hydroculture or Soil?
Even the ancient Romans grew indoor plants in their villas. The method they used then hardly differs from conventional soil culture as practiced today. Then, as today, the general view was that having a green thumb was the decisive factor in whether plants could be made to grow or not.

It is indeed a tricky business to maintain a biological balance in a plant pot over a long period of time. The soil, which starts out as an ideal plant substrate, breaks down over time and starts to show an increase in unwanted materials depending on the quality of the water given and the fertilisers used.

Watering is also a complicated matter. If the soil contains too much water it becomes acidic and waterlogged. Because of the resulting shortage of oxygen the roots will rot and soon afterwards the whole plant will wither and slowly die. On the other hand, if not enough water is given, the soil becomes encrusted and the plant dries up and dies.

Highlife Hydroculture offers a simple, effective alternative to these difficulties. Growers are relieved of the constant worry of watering and fertilising errors, leaving you free to decorate your house with living greenery in a trouble free way.

Apart from simplifying plant care, surely one of the biggest advantages is the decreased watering frequency. Plant reservoirs need only to topped up one to three times a month, depending on container size.

Virtually any plant can be taken from its dirt-filled pot and placed in a Highlife Hydroculture environment. The only difference for the plant is that it will then receive nutrients through the water instead of through the soil. Once a plant is grown hydroponically, however, it can never go back to being grown in soil. Another tip: The younger the plant, the more easily it will adapt to hydroculture.

To sum up, we can say that to grow indoors plants under usual conditions, Highlife Hydroculture is the ideal method.

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