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 Toprock rockwool from Holland
  Toprock is a natural product. The manufacture of Toprock occurs through melting pure basalt at ca. 1500 deg C. The mass of liquid rock is centrifugally spun to form fibres when cool.
Toprock rockwool substrates, in the form of seedling plugs, growing blocks and growing slabs are completely disease free.
Especially with roses, gerbras, capsicums, egg plant, tomatoes and cucumbers we see an increased production and superior quality
Toprock is produced in one of Europe’s largest rockwool factories and meets all the highest requirements. 

Toprock is performing excellently in Dutch horticulture. We only offer the finest grade of rockwool, in fact the rockwool we sell is some of the only rockwool which can be used in Holland by commercial growers who purchase crop protection insurance - Yes, believe it or not, the big growers will buy insurance to protect their enterprises against crop failure - a million dollar loss could financially ruin commercial growers and they have learned the hard way that insurance is a good investment - we only offer the rockwool that the Dutch growers use.
Toprock is a must for every grower and Grow Store and we will gladly quote you the sharpest prices and ditto margins. Call now and we will tell you everything you want to know.

  • Firm, homogenous fibre structure
  • Good form retention, even after extended use
  • High porous volume for strong root development and sufficient availability of oxygen
  • High absorption capacity for the nutrient solution
  • Used by Holland's top grower's. A top quality, professional, crop specific Dutch rockwool for an especially sharp price
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Extreme size counts!   Toprock grow system from Holland
We've made the Dutch rockwool system available to both commercial and serious hobby growers. 
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  Voted No.1 by growers around the world!   Easy as 1-2-3
Award winning crop specific products from Holland for Hydroponics, soil and coconut.
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Want to know the secrets for succ- essful hydroponic growing? Find out how to grow like the Dutch masters!
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